Shao Nian Ge Xing

October 2nd,2019 By ChinaYear

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"Children's song line" is a 3D animation of ancient style theme directed by Chen Shengyao and produced by China Film annual (Beijing) culture media Co., Ltd. The animation tells the story of four young chivalrous men who have a strange life experience but are brave and unrestrained. They go together all the way to tangle in the Jianghu.

The animation premiered in iqiyi and bilibilibili on December 26, 2018, totaling 26 episodes.


After master forgetting to worry in Hanshui temple was seated, a mysterious golden coffin came into the world, causing disputes in the Jianghu.All forces are tit for tat. Lei WuJie, Xiao se, Tang Lian, Sikong qianluo and tiannv Rui are involved in disputes one after another. A story about the golden coffin is about to be staged. Dream in the Jianghu, and walk on the sword. The secret of the golden coffin gradually emerges...

Set interpretation

Martial arts in the world are divided into nine grades, and there are four realms above the nine grades.

The first realm is the realm of Vajra. When it's practiced, it's invincible.

The second state is the state of freedom, the heart is free, and the earth is invincible.

The third is Xiaoyao Tianjing, which takes Tiandao as the force. Every sword has its echo. At present, there are white haired immortals in the realm of martial arts, and they are bleak before being abandoned.

The fourth realm is the mysterious realm. It's only in the legend. You can sit still and close your eyes, but your mind can travel thousands of miles away. [there are only four people in the Jianghu who have reached this level: Mo Yi, Baili Dongjun, Zhao Yuzhen, Luo Qingyang]

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