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October 2nd,2019 By Stink of copper

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The network animation "Magic Preacher" is adapted from the original novel of the same name by Mo Xiang Copper Skunk. The animation, produced by Beijing Vision Fine Arts Film Co., Ltd., will be released every Saturday from July 9, 2018 on The Exclusive Network of Tencent Video, with a total of 23 words.


Wen's is rampant, and the creatures are covered with charcoal. Jianghu Xianmen Yishi launched a "shooting day march" to join forces to please The Wande. "Yiling old ancestors" Wei envious although in overthrowing Wen's neutral under the sweat horse credit, but because of repair very road and too strong and be feared by the pit, causing millions of people to scold, by the same hand and foot of the teacher and brother took people to take the old nest, body meteoriteized ... ...

Thirteen years later, Wei was given an envious house, and again with Gusu Lan's blue forgetmachine machine, Yun Mengjiang Jiangcheng and other old people met, the former dust mystery has not disappeared, the lake and lake suspicious clouds re-emerged. And all this resentment, from their youth when said ...


Since the animation aired, The Magic Master has generated 1.74 billion views on Tencent's video. Although Tencent has not officially promoted or released the animation series outside of China, some fan groups outside China can still watch the animation series through various channels, which is why the Magic Preacher has become the best rated non-Japanese animation on MyAnimeList. Ranked 51st best anime.

Related Online Rumors

In 2018, an online rumor emerged on Weibo that a teacher had tried to kill himself after being searched by the comic's fans for making negative comments about "The Master of the Devils." After the rumor, the author responded, "May everyone be able to stay away from online violence." Shortly after the incident, the network incident has been identified as a rumor, after investigators confirmed that there were no casualties.

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