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October 2nd,2019 By bilibili

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The network animation "Black and White" is adapted from Yu Yanshu's original comic book of the same name, the animation by the dollfish animation studio responsible for the production.

Issue 1 of the copyright website has been updated since 9 July 2015, all 12 words. Issue 2 is available every Saturday from August 5, 2017 in Bilibili, full 12 words.


There are three boundaries between heaven and earth: heaven, earth, human boundary, the life of the three boundaries is a resonated, in order to maintain the balance of the three boundaries, we must ensure the circulation of reiki, and responsible for collecting reiki is the black and white boundary of the earth. There are intricate origins and entanglements between the three worlds, forces from all walks of life for their own desires, obsession with the secret self-fighting, and in the dark outside the three boundaries, there are powerful mysterious forces waiting for the opportunity to subvert the three boundaries.

Small black (Heng) and small white (Yanyi) is the common team of black and white, but in the small white body hidden amazing secrets and huge energy, all walks of life around the small white launched a competition, as little white brother, in order to protect the small white, in order to protect the peace of the three worlds, small black from a bad child to grow into a powerful soldier.

On the other side of the Nai River, is the land boundary of year and night, the boundary through ghost difference to maintain the balance of life and death of the three worlds ... And the ghost difference of a special trip to the world is black and white. Black and white double crane tail combination - small black small white, after the event after the hundred ghost sealing, the relationship between the two if left, small white life also gradually surfaced ... ...

Diversity scenario

First words:Small black and white brother and sister is the middle land spiritual community's junior poor service partner, responsible for the work of the spirit, they will always because of the sense of justice and good sense of explosion and the work of the mess, for this reason is not less by the boss of the king Baozheng punishment. This time the brother and sister's goal is a schoolboy who is surrounded by a ghost, can they complete the task?

Second words:Tianchi's millennium seal is in danger, small black and white adoptive father Zhong Qi came to find Bao Zheng to discuss the matter. This black and white brother and sister's task is to take the life of a house male cartoonist, the process also has the great saint returned friendship "play."

Third words:The worst "black and white" in history is still the task of killing the male cartoonists, see the house man will take the manuscript to the publishing house, small black and white or did not find the crime tool flower pot. In the little black magic, the house man jumped from the building light, but ...

Fourth words:Deer and small fish received notice, immediately rushed to the White Mountain where the seal is located. On the other side, little black was swallowed into the stomach by the monster, and Xiao Bai and Zhong Qi tried to rescue him.

Fifth words:Tianchi seal big explosion, was shut for thousands of years of ghostly good door devoured a thousand wandering souls, ran out to find the clock to calculate the account, with taunts, fear and other skills, by the bell a shot easy to hit the spring water. On the other side, Shake M Little Black and Shake S-S-S-S-S-S-Play played up a bundled PLAY.

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