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October 2nd,2019 By Yuewen

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The network animation "The Meng yi Food God" is adapted from the network novel of the same name created by Ziyi 281, and is produced by Hangzhou Dollfish Animation Design Co., Ltd. The animation airs exclusively on 29 December 2018 in Bilibili, full 12 words


Editor of modern food magazine, from the culinary family of Ye Jiaxuan through to the Huai Song years, Yangzhou Tongzhi Ye Binghuai's eldest daughter Ye Wei. Become the bride of the three-house xia Yu in Black Windgang. The undercover bandit Xia Yu was wary of the cheap bride, suspecting that she was the eyeliner placed by the big man's family. However, her ancient spirit of strange words and deeds and superb cooking gradually conquered the heart of Xia. And Ye Jiaxuan also gradually found that this bandit three when the family is not simple ...;

Diversity scenario

First episodes:Special chef Ye Jiaxuan cooked at home, but accidentally died of poisoning, through the same dead bride Ye Qi was born again. Unfortunately, half way was taken away by the mountain thieves, became the three-time home of the pressure of the wife. But three good home handsome ah! "Ye Jiaxuan you must hold on, must not bow to the evil forces!"

Second episodes:"I don't want to be a bandit!" "Ye Jiaxuan tried his best to escape from the cottage, but was blocked by the cliffs to go to the road. Jiang aunt to cook told her, after the mountains are all organs, three when the family is vicious and vicious, all want to escape, all want to be tortured by the three families, survival, death can not.

Third episodes:Ye Jiaxuan bathed a poisonous snake, three when the family for her to suck away the snake poison, but he was poisoned. In order to save the three masters, Jia Yu went alone to the mountains to pick half a lotus. The original three when the family is deliberately to put Ye Jiaxuan to escape from the cottage. Facing the opportunity to escape from the heavens, looking at the distant light point of the mountain, Ye Jiaxuan hesitated.

Fourth episodes:Long-term coexistence so that Ye Jiaxuan slowly dispelled the idea of escape, and even to the three families made a pine egg. However, the big family originally knew that the three when the family is the court's undercover, Ye Jiaxuan eyes all this calm below, in fact, the wind and clouds. It's finally time for the war. "Wait for the brothers to have enough, naturally will let her go down with you!" "

Fifth episodes:The middle plan is not Xia Qi but Peng five, broken dragon stone was broken, black wind gang annihilation plan success on the other side of the big family learned that the big trend has gone, Ye Yu only escaped from the birth of the day to find the dragonfly, but was his poison tongue tied a wave of heart.

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