Rakshasa Street

October 2nd,2019 By Toshio Suzuki

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The network animation zhenhunjie is adapted from Xu Chen's original network cartoon of the same name. The animation is produced by Lu Hengyu and Li Shujie studios. The animation plot adopts the double line narrative technique of yin and Yang version. The odd set is the present one of Yang version, and the double set is the recollection one of Yin version. The first issue starts on April 28, 2016 in Youku every Thursday, 24 words in total. The second production decision.


Xia Ling, an ordinary college graduate, received a strange interview notice when he was looking for a job, so he entered Luocha street by mistake and was in danger. Fortunately, Cao Yanbing was rescued by zhenhun. However, in contact, Cao Yanbing finds that Xialing is not as common as she looks, because there is also spiritual power in her body, and a mysterious guardian spirit is hosted. At the same time, Xia Ling began to be chased and killed by unknown assassins, Cao Yanbing was also involved in it, and the fate of the two men began to intersect. Behind all this, it seems that there are some more dangerous secrets...

Diversity scenario

First episodes:Zhenhun Street connects the spiritual realm and the human world, which is the place to absorb the dead and suppress the evil spirits. Xialing is an ordinary college graduate. An accident led her to enter one of zhenhun street, Luocha street. In this street full of evil spirits, Cao Yanbing, the soul of Luocha street, appears handsome and performs heroic rescue.

Second episodes:Several years ago, Luocha street was peaceful under Cao's management. One night, general Cao and his wife were instructed to go out, and they never went back. Only the young monk Cao Yanbing was the baby Cao Xuanliang. When an unexpected visitor visited Luocha street, the two brothers faced a crisis.

Third episodes:As soon as Xia Linggang wakes up, Cao Yanbing quarrels to clear her memory. In the chaos, Cao Yanbing and Cao Xuanliang found the message left by the ghost talisman three links. It turns out that Xia Ling was also a soul sender, but Cao Yanbing could not feel any spiritual power in her.

Fifth episodes:Xia Ling finally found a job. When she was happy, an unexpected guest came to her family. The robot stares at the guardian spirit in her body, and what is the so-called Kingdom organization?

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