"Choose the Second Season" network animation is the second season of the network animation "Choose the Day", adapted from the literary author of the literary group's cat-tired made the popularity of the same-name fantasy novel "Choose the Day." The work tells the story of 14-year-old juvenile orphan Chen Changsheng, for the treatment of life to change his life to leave his master, with a paper marriage contract to God, thus opening the rise of a strong against the heavens.

The animation was broadcast on Tencent video every Wednesday from July 20, 2016, with a total of 12 episodes, and the plot revolved around Chen Changsheng and others taking part in the Great Dynasty trial.

The contents of the deceased

After the Aito banquet, the fall was forced to move away from the palace to live. Chen Changsheng was provoked by Tianhai Shengxue, the critical moment JinYuRu to help. The great test in that, in order to be able to enter Ling yin pavilion against the fate, Chen Changsheng just want to only can only win the first place, but the washing of myelin has failed, he learned from the Tao Tibetan a method, can skip the washing myelin directly to sit down, for this he decided to go to the Palace of Black Dragon Lake, hope to get the help of the black dragon ...

Episode plot

Episode 1:After the Aito banquet, fell and moved away from the palace, immediately after, the mountain ghost attacked, broke the gate of the National Institute of Education. Despite the best efforts, but still not rival mountain ghosts, critical moment Tang thirty-six appear ...

Episode 2:The demon god will be the golden jade law and the big zhou god will be the war, the last moment Chen Liu Xian Wang galloped to discourage. Mo Yu again visited the State Institute of Education, advised Chen Changsheng to repent of marriage, Chen Changsheng did not agree ...

Episode 3:Chen Changsheng went to the Park, met the Virgin after yi-rong... Under the leadership of Jin Yuru, Chen Changsheng and others went to the small world of green leaves to send medicine to the fall ...

Episode 4:After the delivery of the medicine, Chen Changsheng and others saw the book of the red dragonfly. On the Shinto, I met hundreds of people who had come to see the lively Ivy League. Chen Changsheng has been subjected to a great snout of suspicion and insults... Away from the palace bell sounded, declared the list. Qingyun for a new list, Xuan xuan broke on the list, Tang Yu rose to Qingyun 32, fell to the second Qingyun ...

Episode 5:Chen Changsheng learned about the location of the Black Dragon Lake in the Palace of the Sun from the Virgin after Yirong. Chen Changsheng came to the black dragon side, try to skip the washing myelin directly sitting photo, resulting in the real meta-explosion. Black Dragon in a critical moment...


"Choose the Day" TV series (starring Deer, Reading Group native IP, Li Meng Film and other joint production)

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