Wan Jie Xian Zong

October 2nd,2019 By taxue

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TV animation "the wizard of the world" adapts the comic book of treading snow animation, which is produced by Ruohong culture. The second season starts in Tencent video on April 25, 2019.


At the beginning of the Zhou Dynasty, Tianyuan Shenzong, which was originally the God of the Shang Dynasty, was encircled by other five shenzongs. The emperor of Tianyuan Shenzong, Jue Yuhua, ascended to the immortals. Ye Xingyun was appointed to take over Tianyuan Shenzong in the face of danger. Ye Xingyun was the only prince of the Shang Dynasty. In order to avenge the extinction of the clan, ye Xingyun embarked on the road of restoration. Just after the end of the battle of the gods, the once immortals disappeared. In the wild jungle, various kinds of monsters, beasts and mountain spirits appeared, and bandits swarmed in groups. In each city, there were also aristocratic families. The first goal of Ye nebula is to sneak into the Qingyu family and transform itself into a person of the Qingyu family by exchanging civet for prince. This person happens to be the exiled son of king Qi. Ye Xingyun, regarded as his missing son by the king of Qi, welcomed him into the palace of the king of Qi. As the son of the return of the king of Qi, and as the patriarch of the Tianyuan Shenzong, ye Xingyun soon became a man of power. At this moment, the prelude of the emperor's struggle for the throne has just begun. Where should ye Xingyun go?

After the family meeting, yanjue was killed by Ye Xingyun on the way to escape, and the strength of Yanwu family decreased dramatically. Xuanming aristocratic family is eager to kidnap ye Xueyun to have a showdown with Qingyu aristocratic family. However, Yu Yin, a spy who ye Xingyun put in Ningcheng, finds out that ye Xingyun went to xuanming dungeon in person to save ye Xueyun and find the Lost God for many years - Xuanniao feather by chance. The plume of the black bird causes the vision of heaven and earth. Tongtian ancient tomb is once again in the world. All forces gather in Ningcheng. Finally, who will get the peerless treasure in Tongtian ancient tomb?

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